Looking at the past, envisioning the future

The possibilities of a greener, fairer future for all

Earth Pathways. It began with an idea. A passion. A vision.

Starting out back in 2007 

When the Earth Pathways co-operative started out, our idea was to create a Moon diary, a diary that would celebrate the Celtic Wheel of the Year and keep step with the flow of the seasons. To highlight awareness of our relationship with the world around us our vision was to focus on Nature-inspired art and writing for the content of the diary. We so passionately wanted to draw attention to the disconnection between humans and the Earth, and to encourage the changes needed to create a more sustainable future for all.

When we scribbled down our aims and values we underlined that we also wanted to use a percentage of any surplus generated to fund projects, that made a positive difference to the Earth, especially at a local level. Put simply, in our own small way we wanted to make a difference, and with the full-hearted contribution of the community through ‘moonshares’ we were able to publish our first diary in 2009. All these years on and it still seems pretty incredible that we’ve achieved so much.


Connecting with like-minded others and building community has always been really important to us – plus we like to chat! We appreciate it when people get in touch and during the first year of the Covid pandemic many of our readers told us how our diary and wall calendar had uplifted them in difficult times. We were humbled by that. During lockdown it seemed that we all began to re-evaluate the things that really mattered, like family, community and our environment. How many of us welcomed the reduced levels of pollution and noticed that local wildlife was thriving as a result?  How many of us realised we could manage on less and waste less? In those dark days we were grateful for the glimmers of light and hope to be found. Many people are now understanding that looking after our planet is really looking after ourselves and many more are thinking seriously about the kind of world they want to live in going forward. The possibilities of a greener, fairer future for all are exciting.

Future Vision  

We recently held a Visioning Day. It was a great way of checking in with ourselves and where we’re at 15 years on. It was heartening to see how far we’ve come as a cooperative in the intervening years and to know that the values and visions we held then are as strong as ever. These are the touchstones that keep us on track and keep the passion for what we do alive and strong. Our Visioning Day saw the stirrings of new ideas for the future. Yay! Apart from continuing to create more diaries, calendars and journals, we pledged to plant more TREES. Win-win!! There was also the first sign of a bigger more audacious idea. WHAT IF… we could buy a piece of land where people could deepen their connection with the Earth by getting actively involved in rewilding? Whoa!! This made our collective hearts zing! Could we really do this? Dare we dream so big?? Is it possible??? The ‘hows’ and the timing of this aren’t clear yet but it’s so exciting to see these new ‘seeds’ of intention being planted … to be watered with our passion, heart-led hope and optimism! Like the stunning barn owl on the cover of our 2023 diary and wall calendar we are spurred on by the possibilities of the long, far-sighted view.  Stay with us on this amazing journey and let’s see where it takes us…

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